Keep learning journey or not?
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    Default Keep learning journey or not?

    I had a child for a year whilst her mum was at college, she left last summer so she was given her learning journey and trackers etc.

    Then 5 mths later she asked if I had the space to take her back for the ff2 funding, I said yes but knew it would come to an end in April.

    Mum is going back to uni in sept, but said she was going to carry the child on and pay herself from April-sept until the uni takes over payment. Mum recently told me she can't afford it so will finish at the end of this month and return in sept so my question is this is now the second learning journey so do I give that to mum to keep or do I keep it knowing she will be back in 3 months anyway and I can continue to use the lj when she comes back. Obviously come sept I would get mum to give me an overview of how she's developed in the last 3 mths but unsure of what to do?!?

    She will also be doing her 15 hrs at a pre school in sept all afternoons and I will have her all mornings, so I'm guessing she will end up with two learning journeys at the same time?!?

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    I think I would just hold onto it - if child doesn't return in Sept then just give it back then.

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    I would hold onto the original but offer her a copied version, if she says no then fine if not least you offered x

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Keep learning journey or not? Keep learning journey or not? Keep learning journey or not?

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