Difficulty filling spaces
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    Default Difficulty filling spaces

    I have 6 children on roll at the moment, all after schoolies, ranging from ages 6 to 10, all term time only. I have one leaving in January, one leaving in July and two leaving in November. I have no under 5's and haven't had any for over a year...not so much as one phone enquirey! I advertise with my LA, Childcare.co.uk and *****. I've been an Ofted registered Childminder for over 12 years, so i'm very experienced. I also have a level 3.
    I was just wondering how you all advertise your spaces and can anyone offer me any advice, we seem to be drowning in Childminders, Nursaries and After school Clubs in this area and i'm worried i may have to give it all up, which i don't want to do but i need to earn a wage!

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    Don't know whereabouts in the country you are but enquiries are coming in thick and fast around here. Over the past week I've had enquiries from Yell.com, FIS and word of mouth. Usually all my enquiries come from childcare.co.uk but I also advertise on Yell.com, just a free ad and also Gumtree. I heard one childminder putting an ad up in the local newsagents yesterday and I did try that a couple of years ago but didn't get anything from it. Do you have a local pre-school who would let you put up an ad on their board or usually toddler groups have a notice board so you could ask at the building they are held if you could put one up there (ours are usually church halls)

    Good luck


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    Are your details all up to date with your LA and do you offer funding for 2, 3 & 4 year olds? For the last couple of months I have had endless calls. Most of them seem to come through the LA and are parents looking for funded hours for their children. It might be worth considering it if you don't already offer it. And if you do offer it, make sure you advertise it!

    Is your profile on childcare.co.uk up to date & eye catching? Have you got a photo and references from parents? Are you a gold member on there? If not it's worth signing up, even if it is just for a month. Go through and contact any parents who you think might be interested. Read profiles carefully - you might offer something that parents don't even know they're looking for! I saw one once for a single mum who wanted a babysitter so she could get now and again to meet friends. I messaged her and said I didn't babysit, but had she considered a few hours with a childminder. She hadn't even thought of that and I ended up having the child for a few hours here & there when I had a space. It fitted in really well with other part time children.



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