Potty training
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Thread: Potty training

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    Default Potty training

    Struggling with a child and potty training and not sure what to do if anything.

    Child has just turned 2. He is capable of going for a wee everytime he is placed on the potty which I do every 2 hours or thereabouts. However, he never asks to go to the toilet and doesn't at home either. So it is really just luck that he goes on the potty. If he needs a wee before I place him on the potty, he will just wet himself. The same with a poo, he will just poo in his pants. I have been doing this for 2 months now. Surely by now he should be asking to go? Should I try a different approach, obviously getting mum's approval first. Was thinking would it be better just to let him keep wetting himself?? Or sticker rewards?? Not sure what to do, if anything.

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    It sounds like the little one isn't quite ready for the potty yet. My mindee is 30 months, and does not yet recognise whether he has wee'd or poo'd his nappy and most certainly wouldn't ask to go. We have read lots of books about potty training etc, but no sign he is ready.

    Perhaps talk to mum and see if she is happy to delay?



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