Rented properties
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    Default Rented properties

    Hello, me and my sister are looking into starting childminding together, however it would be from a rented property. The landlord has given his permission although is a little concerned that if anything was to happen to a child whilst in the house that he could get sued. We'd obviously have insurance but we're still not 100% certain if his concerns are correct?! Any help would be greatly appreciated - Thank You

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    It would be up to you to thoroughly risk assess the property from a child's point of view before you started childminding - anything which is dangerous and the responsibility of the landlord eg: dangerous banisters, dodgy electrics should be sorted by landlord - when you start childminding you will need public liability insurance this will cover you for any accidents that happen while child is with you (at home or on outings), the landlord would only be sued if it is something that is dangerous with the house but you need to risk assess this first.

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    If this is a rented house specifically to be used for Childminding and it is not a home, that is no one lives in the house then it is not Childminding it is Childcare on a non Domestic Premises.

    If it is not being used by anyone to live in and you are only running a childcare business in it then you must discuss this with the Landlord because it would be classed as a business (childminding in our own homes with 6 or less children is not considered a business from a planning point of view ) as I assume you will have more than 6 children between you and there will be at least the 2 of you working and possibly Assistants. In this case the Landlord would possibly need to apply for planning permission and may even have to change the use of the house as it will no longer be a dwelling house but a Childcare Business. This could have implications for his Buildings Insurance and his mortgage if he has one. His Mortgage Company may not agree to a pure business being run from the house and no one living in it.

    I would look for the document on the Ofsted web site 'Childcare on non domestic Premises' and you need a meeting with your Landlord and you need to contact your local Planning Dept for information about what they need in your area.

    If you are successful with all the above then as HH said you would Risk Assess the house and if there are any problems with the fabric of the house, electrics, smoke, carbon monoxide alarms, non safety glass in doors or low windows, rickety woodwork etc would be down to the Landlord to sort out and you would possibly need to do a very through inspection with him and do a tick list.

    You then need to Risk Assess.

    You will have to have Public Liability Insurance and again if you are both individual Reg as Childminders you may need a Policy each I don't know you will need to check with Pacey, MM or PLA whoever you decide to use. You will need Employer's Liability Insurance if you Employ Assistants.

    You will need Contents and Accidental Damage Insurance to cover all your Equipment etc and as you are not a Childminding Business in a home you may pay considerably more for this insurance as a business.

    You will need Class 1 Business Insurance on both your cars.

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