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    Default half fees, no fees, full fees, ...

    I got a child that has wrap around care but term time only.
    Thinking of charging half fees in the holidays.

    Anyone do this? Got any advice. Dont want to loose the family. Quite a recent family not sure how to approach it. Or should I wait till april.

    Its alot of money to loose in the 6weeks hols.. :-/ xx

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    Personally, I think I'd be reluctant to change the terms of the contract to such a degree after the child has started with you. Paying for such a huge amount of extra hours for sessions not used could be a real sticking point for the parent. Do you pick up extra care over the holidays that could help you subsidise the loss - school children?

    I would maybe consider a price increase next time you raise your fees that are at a slightly higher rate. Discuss with them and give them plenty of time to consider - ie don't spring it on them.
    Good luck x

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    I agree if you have already agreed terms you cannot really alter them until you do a contract review (have you agreed one) next time with hindsight either have an enhanced rate for TTO or charge 1/2 fee bearing in mind if you do parent can ask you to have the child during the holidays. You could now do a school holiday only placement.

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    For tto wrap around care for school aged children I have set fees which are slightly more than my hourly rate would be but I don't charge anything in the holidays and I don't know of any cms locally who do. What did you agree to when you took them on? If you do start to charge in holidays you might lose them.
    I don't do much wrap around care but when I do I see it as a tt bonus instead of a loss of earnings in the holidays.

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