Possibly my first EY child
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    Default Possibly my first EY child

    I've been registered since March but have only had after schoolies so far and holiday cover. But it looks increasingly likely that I'm going to have an EY child starting here very soon, which is both exciting and very daunting as that means Ofsted can come and inspect me (when I inform them, which might be after xmas!).

    I was awake for a few hours last night worrying about it all, which is unlike me, normally I'm a good sleeper. He's also got some additional SEN needs as he's ASD so there's a lot to learn about him. It's never straightforward is it.

    I'm quite scared about the whole prospect of Ofsted....!

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    In this job nothing seems to be straightforward, everyone is different child to child family to family. Such fun!!!
    Worth a read up about the requirements of your ey child and generally accommodating children with additional needs. When dear mrs o comes this will be a key element.
    As long as you're prepared, you will be absolutely fine.

    Good luck! Ey children are wonderful fun - good luck

    Something to look forward to in the new year!

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    Ofsted inspectors are usually very kind and helpful at first inspections in my experience.

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    Good luck with your first EY child. I'm sure you will soon slot into it, perhaps got too much time to think about it and are overthinking it x



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