Stained glass window with tissue paper?
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    Default Stained glass window with tissue paper?

    Seriously is it me? Been trying to do this all morning with Los cut shapes from paper glue bits of tissue on but the whole lot sticks to the table??????
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    I make them with clear sticky backed plastic. I put a piece of it on the table sticky side up, put a black card cut out window shape on it & the children then stick the bits of tissue paper to the sticky paper, in the window gaps (hard to explain, but I know what I mean!

    I wonder if you could use cling film? Flatten a piece out, stick the window on with glue, then stick the tissue on.

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    This what to do!! Go and buy a big tin of Quality Street, eat all the chocolates, save the coloured little wrappers and then make the stained glass windows!! I did this but with a box of chocs



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Stained glass window with tissue paper? Stained glass window with tissue paper? Stained glass window with tissue paper?

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