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Thread: What to do?

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    BuggsieMoo Guest

    Default What to do?

    A few weeks ago I signed a schoolie up on a short term contract (Im moving next week). I used the NCMA short term contract.

    First payment of fees was received fine and on time - no issues.

    Since then parents have got married and schoolie has spent the best part of 3 weeks not coming to the setting (holiday, illness and time with granny away from home town) these weeks I did not charge for as previously arranged. However, there is a bill that was due on 6th July (at the latest) that is still outstanding.

    I have raised it with mum - basically mum drops to school and passes me schoolies folder for mine, I collect from school and dad collects from me. Mum pays me with her wages.

    First of all she apologised and asked when I left - which I told her, she then said she would get it sorted this week. Every day I have seen her I have asked after the fees and get told she will get it out in lunch break and give it to me in the morning, next day, no fees and same excuse.

    I am now in a prediciment as to what to do. I am willing to give her until tomorrow morning to pay, if no fees are given then I would like to basically get in contact and say as no fees have been paid despite being asked on numerous occassions for and her assuring me they would be paid 'in the morning' then I am terminating our contract with immediate effect. This would basically affect 3 days worth of minding (Friday, Tuesday and Wednsday).

    I have a horrible gut feeling that they are hoping that they can 'use' me for a long as possible and then basically not pay, I move away and the money issue will just disappear - erm no I will take it to small claims if needs be as fees due by the end of the period will be over £200.

    Any advice greatly received. x

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    call her today (followed by confirming conversation in writing). Tell her you know things have been busy etc, but that the debt is now so much in arrears that you are unable to have the child until she clears the arrears of fees in full.
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    BuggsieMoo Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by The Juggler View Post
    call her today (followed by confirming conversation in writing). Tell her you know things have been busy etc, but that the debt is now so much in arrears that you are unable to have the child until she clears the arrears of fees in full.
    Ive tried, she is not answering so I have resorted to a text message basically saying the above but not about not care available until she pays. However, if this is the case that I do not get the fees in the morning, then I will call/text again to that effect as well as follow it up in writing to her.

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    BuggsieMoo Guest


    Well ive texted the parent to ask about payment and ive also called the NCMA legal team.

    They advised that work until the end of the week (Child is Tuesday-Friday after school only) and if no fees have come tomorrow then send LO home with a letter stating that as per our contract, fess of xxx were due by xxxx. As of todays date, these fees are still outstanding, despite numerous reminders from myself. Therefore I have no alternative but to suspend all childcare services until these fees are paid in full. (But not to charge whilst suspended so debt does not increase).

    As I am moving next week and this was only ever a short term contract, hence why on a short term contract form. If no fees have been paid by the last contracted day, send a letter including the final invoice by signed for delivery. Give the parents 7 days to pay the amount in full. If they do not pay, the NCMA will take it over and will write 2 times to the parents requesting the money, if they still do not pay it will be referred to the insurance company to hopefully start debt collection proceedings.

    Im quite hopeful that I will get the fees back one way or another as the NCMA previously got the fees back for me. Granted it took a little while, but came back non the less.

    Not really how I want to be closing down my business here and moving over a 100 miles away but as the legal person said, I wouldnt go to tescos and expect to pay for my shoppin g 2 weeks later, so why should the parent expect that of my fees, im not a charity.

    I have always stressed to my parents that if they are really having difficulities then I will offer assistance - such as a payment plan, but to just ignore the bill even exists and still expect me to care for their child is damn right rude. Well if not fees by tomorrow, then tomorrow will be LO's last day.

    Will keep you all updated. x

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    BuggsieMoo Guest


    Can someone proof read this letter and let me know if its ok or what to change?

    Dear XXXXX

    RE: Late payment of fees & suspension of service

    Please be advised that after seeking legal advice from the NCMA, I have been advised that until all fee’s due (including days worked since the last invoice was produced) are paid in full then I will not be in a position to offer XXXXXXX or yourselves any form of childcare and all childcare services will be suspended with immediate effect. Whilst there is a suspension in place, not further fees will be incurred.

    Upon signing the legally binding contract, you agreed that fees would be paid on time. To date, and despite numerous text messages/conversations with yourselves, the invoice due by no later than Friday 6th July for £153.00 remains outstanding.

    I am sure you appreciate that like yourself I also have financial obligations to meet. When payment of invoices is late, this has a detrimental impact on my ability to meet my own obligations.

    Therefore the fees now outstanding are at present are indicated below;

    Invoice June - £153.00
    10th July 2012 - £8.00
    11th July 2012 - £8.00
    12th July 2012 - £8.00
    13th July 2012 - £8.00
    TOTAL DUE - £185.00

    Payment can be made via cash or by a direct bank transfer.

    Once payment is received by no later than end of business Monday 16th July, I am happy to continue to offer minding services for XXXXXX on Tuesday 17th July and Wednesday 18th July as long as the fees of £16.00 are received in advance.

    I apologise that I have had to suspend my services but unfortunately, I am not in a position to work for nothing.



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    Perhaps you ought to go round tonight (with someone) say that you would like the money now and that you will wait while she pops out to the machine as she keeps 'forgetting'

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    BuggsieMoo Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by funemnx View Post
    Perhaps you ought to go round tonight (with someone) say that you would like the money now and that you will wait while she pops out to the machine as she keeps 'forgetting'
    I would take the hubby but he is away with the Army until tomorrow night and I have no one to watch my own kids. Im going to talk to dad tonight on collection and 'remind' him that fees are very late and I must have them dropped off to me in the morning by mum when she drops LO off at school. If no joy, letter goes home tomorrow night and I will suspend services x



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