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Thread: minibeasts

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    Default minibeasts

    morning all my 2 year old minded child has come to day has mum has been telling me how she into minibeast has anyone got any ideas or link that i can do with her thanks xxxxxxx

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    you will find heaps of stuff on the internet (for activities hon). You can sign up to nature detectivies and they regularly e-mail activities.

    just use the garden/park this time of year. get a few bug pots and magnifying glasses and find ants, snails, worms and watch them. put some big logs/bits of wood down then turn them over and you'll probably find heaps of snails and bugs.

    insectore have butterflies you grow from caterpillars, ladybird larvae or stick insects so you can watch them evolve/change at home.

    have fun -my favorite kind of child interest
    if you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got

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    Do a forum search too - there's lots of threads about minibeasts

    Miffy xx
    Keep smiling!

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    we playing with a tray full of compost today, with plastic mini beasts and magnifying glasses.

    IF it stops raining, we'll go for a walk around the garden and look for some bugs to put in the bug pots and watch for a while.

    have fun x



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