University Student Parent-What to charge
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    Default University Student Parent-What to charge

    I have a visit arranged next week for what will eventually be a full-time place to start from the end of September.
    The mother is returning to University so I'm guessing she'll not be needing the place when she's off during the Uni breaks.

    Just wondered what people think is reasonable to ask for as a retainer during this time, I was thinking half of fees?
    Thanks in advance

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    Half-fees is a usual retainer. Make sure you get the termtime and holiday dates clear from the outset as Uni dates can be very different to schools. Also check what the parent wants for odd times like time off for study-time/revision-periods/exams when they might not be technically 'in Uni' but still might need childcare or might not.

    Is the Uni paying towards fees? Make sure that is all clear too- I have read horror stories of students not turning up to Uni and Uni stopping paying fees etc, paying late or not at all and what about holidays if Uni are paying? etc etc.

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    I've always charged a 50% retainer for students and never had a problem with colleges/uni paying it. Just be clear in the contract, especially where funding goes straight to the student

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    Default Does uni pay for day parents are not in.

    I have a parent and she is telling me that her uni is paying for all the holidays they have so her child is with me everyday is this right. I.e I have her child everyday monday to friday but she is only at uni Monday, tuesday and Thursday and she is with me October half term and christmas break. What will uni pay for and what does the parent have to pay for



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