what to put in a childminders development folder
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    Default what to put in a childminders development folder

    my ofstead inspector hinted it would be great to see a development folder for me and my bussiness........... i have lots of bits and bobs that ive got already floating about but she said it would be great to have it all together to really back myself up. but what to put in it?????????
    i was thinking sections along the lings of....
    continous development of my setting (linking it to meeting indervidual childs needs ect)
    my personal development (training)
    sef and parent anaul reveiw forms

    what else...................? does anyone else have on of theese?? does this make any sence? lol

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    I have recently completed the Bristol Standard - it is a self-reflective exercise where you look at various aspects of your practice, saying what your strengths are, backing it up with evidence and then setting targets to improve, and how this will benefit the children. I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

    It was run by our LA so maybe have a word with your DO if you are interested.

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    An evidence file simply contains all the paperwork that you have collected over the months and puts it all together in one easy to access format.

    You can set it out in whatever way makes sense to you - mine used to follow the Every Child Matters agenda but now it's alphabetical.


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    in mine i have all my certificates.. then all my future training booking letters, sef, ofsted report any complaints. upheld or not.. parental question aires must admit i dont keep every year one in . i just put the new ones in and old ones go in the childs fiel with contracts etc.. otherhwise file would be bursting..lol also references tahnkyou cards etc...


    and all my policies and proceedures are in a different file all in alphabetical order..



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