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Thread: Ratios

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    Default Ratios

    Hi everyone

    Sorry this is another ratio thread, hoping you can clear something up for me.
    At the moment I have

    R - 3 mon -thurs
    S - 14 months mon & tues
    I - 4 mon -fri, leaving early July
    J -4 weds -fri, leaving end of July

    I consider myself very lucky and I have not had to advertise my upcoming spaces and the work has come to me through word of mouth, so I have starting

    L - just turned one when starting in September mon & tue
    C - 4 starting beginning of summer holidays and will be full time school sept weds - fri
    E - 2 younger sibling of C above weds -fri

    All ok so far all fitted in perfectly till mum of S asked if I can increase days from 2 to 4 also from beginning of the summer hols. This means on weds and thurs i will have 4 under 5. Once C is at full time school I know this will be ok as he will be a rising 5 but will I be over during the holidays? Am confused whether I can do it as continuity of care as contracts are signed for new starters or as I have new business starting at the same time I can't. Hope that all makes sense

    Thank you in advance

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    Hopefully Sarah's thread will help you

    Changing ratios - variations - a reminder

    It's tricky. If you think of it as existing mindees extending hours then the new business is not allowed. If you think of it as having signed contracts for new business then existing mindee is under continuity of care.

    I think you might be ok because contracts were signed before amending existing mindees contract



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