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Thread: HELP!

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    Default HELP!

    hi all, I'am doing the process of becoming a childminder however i seem to be reading so much on it my brain seems to have frozen as i have had an over load of information! please can you advise me on a few things? i'm in wales so will be cssiw registered, i only want to cater for 4 children between 5 and 8 i have stated this on my application, do i still need to provide for babies? seems silly as i have said i'm not having them. I am doing my cypop5 course and have done safeguarding and first aid, i no i have to do food hygiene as well its in the pipe line!

    looking onto the business side of things have you set yourselves up as a ltd or sole trader and why?

    with regards to the age and the hous (3-6) do i need to provide tree stumps in the garden do i have to still make sure i cover ethnicity? i understand if i had younger children these are things i would need as they would be here all day however the age im looking after will not be.

    any help very much appreciated!

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    Hello and welcome

    I am in Wales too. The registration covers you to care for 6 children under the age of 8 years, this also includes your own children. You can care for a maximum of 6 children in the 5-8 age group as long as you do not care for younger children.

    The wording that is most understandable about ratios is - A maximum of 6 children under 8 years, of which no more than 3 of those 6 can be under 5 and no more than 2 of those 3 under 18 months. You can also care for children over 8 as long as they do not impact on the care of under 8s. You do not have to provide stuff for babies unless you are planning on caring for them.

    In Wales children that are in full-time school are classed as 5 years (my area they start full-time school the term that they turn 4 so I sometimes have 3 year olds that are classed as 5 once they are in school 10 sessions a week).

    I am registered as self-employed with HMRC. HMRC often do courses or webinars for registering/newly registered childminders that go through accounts and self assessment. I do my own accounts and find it easy, others use an accountant.

    You still need to plan activities what ever age group you care for - and buy toys, equipment, crafts etc suitable for them. I don't have tree stumps in the garden but I do have a climbing frame, swing, slide, balls etc. I also have trees that they climb. We plant things to grow and pick them to eat/cook. I care for little ones but I also care for children aged 10, 9, 8, 4x5 year olds and a 4 year old in fulltime school over the week (different days)- you will need to ensure that you follow the national minimum standards for childcare(NMS) and you need to be aware of the Foundation Phase but you do not need to "follow" it.

    You will be expected to show inclusion, disability and different cultures/races and have resources to back it up. This could be in books, pictures, dolls, cooking, dressing up etc. With older children they are very open to themes like Diwali, thanksgiving, Chinese new year etc. Mine enjoy finding out about things and cooking/eating foods from that country, animals etc. Around Australia Day the boys in particular liked finding out about spiders, snakes and sharks . I have some children with different religions so reflect that in celebrations that we look at, we also look at other things like Chinese new year.

    When CSSIW inspect they will want to see that you have activities planned and resources for the ages of children you are caring for.

    Don't forget if you are doing schoolies you need to decide if you be doing holidays and having them all day or just be term-time onlyand plan accordingly.

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