variation question.(wales cssiw)
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    Default variation question.(wales cssiw)

    Hi all I. Looking for some advise.

    Little background knowledge first:

    I have 4 children of my own which are included in my early years 2 under and 2 over. So I can only mind 1 under and 1 over.

    Now I have had a lo on my books since end of January and is contracted one day a week.
    I have just filled you my last full time space (yay) anyway the parent to lo yesterday asked me if I could take on an extra day Friday.

    Now my question is:
    Could I ask for a variation for Friday to have 4 unders as I still have my one space for the over that is not being used.

    How do I go about this?
    Is it hard to do?
    What would I need to do?
    Can it be done?
    Thanks x

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    You need to contact CSSIW and they will send you a variation form. If it is urgent they will e-mail it through. I had to do this for a funeral a couple of weeks ago.

    You need to complete the form with details of the children, ages, length of time they have been with you, length of time the variation is required for, any changes needed, make sure that you have enough equipment to cope with 4 under 5s, risk assessment, updated statement of purpose to show variation, plan for day maybe. Send it back and it is down to CSSIW then.

    If they grant it you will not be able to take on a another child under 8 as you cannot go over 6 under 8 years. I will say they have been known to say no to variations so it is not a guarantee.
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variation question.(wales cssiw) variation question.(wales cssiw) variation question.(wales cssiw)

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