lots of alterations to application!
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    Unhappy lots of alterations to application!

    Hi All

    I've finally had contact today with an inspector, basically it was a loooonnnnnggggg email telling me all the alterations i need to make to my application and policies etc before she can come out to see me. Im really disappointed i worked really hard on my paperwork and now it looks like i missed loads out and have loads more work to do!

    Im feeling a bit lost really, i did the online course which i didnt feel was very good preperation for the application and didnt get to meet anyone, i know one other childminder who although is very nice i get the feeling she see's me as competition and not so willing to help me.

    AND my dbs checks are not back yet.

    sorry just needed a moan and a grump

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    It is such a long process. When my application came through I had to add some things in to a few policies that I obviously missed out. Not too much but you think your getting somewhere and they come back with more work for you to do. I am finally finished had my inspection and am now airing for my certificate! Yay! Your so close now it won't be long for you.
    The training courses don't help you really just the minimum standards and what you can find on the internet.
    It doesn't help that Pacey and CSSIW do not communicate with each other. The amount of things I had to prove to Pacey that CSSIW do not do anymore and the Cardiff council changed things and CSSIW didn't know. Ahhhhh! Lol!
    Good luck with everything!
    You will be up and running in no time x


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    We are a friendly bunch on here!

    Let us know what you are stuck with and maybe we can help!

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    I am happy to help! Either post specific questions here or send me a private message



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lots of alterations to application! lots of alterations to application! lots of alterations to application!

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