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    Quote Originally Posted by bunyip View Post
    Could we by any chance be suggesting that all the £££££ public money £££££ spent on the legislative process and regulatory changes has been a complete waste, and it would have been better spent in continuing the sort of LA support and training that was pulled because agencies were going to take on that role?

    How convenient that The Truss Woman has swapped offices and is therefore unlikely to be asked to resign over this debacle.

    Nice to see parliamentary democracy working so well.

    ..............and people ask me why I'm an anarcho-syndicalist.
    Bunyip....I hope the article will give you hints as to why the Govt has spent some money on agencies...even though only one appears to be up and running at the moment.

    Yes they have invested in consultations and a lot of waffle but...agencies remain unfunded by the the moment anyway.... although 4 Children have received the princely sum of over nearly a million ££££ (I have the figures right in front of me) to 'facilitate' agencies in their 2013/2015 rounds of handouts from the DfE and as DfE agents are still doing the LAs rounds to promote agencies to CMs....myself and Smiley appear to be in the LAs visited by 4 Children

    RS...yes St Bede academy was the beacon for Truss and now Ofsted have given in to her with many recent announcements on schools leading that not a sign of what may come?

    Chatterbox...I had hoped you would come back and tell us who has offered you the 3 tier of support.
    I would hazard a guess it maybe Pacey as they offer that in their m'ship if I recall correctly...or maybe your LA?

    I have also heard of 3 tier system of support that not what Networks were all about?
    Lets hope we are not to return to that and if not wrong Trio are very active in your area

    What has happened to them?...did they not withdraw from the trials?...and again I recall you saying you had volunteered for the trials....was it good?


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