Education Committee Live this morning
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    Simona Guest

    Default Education Committee Live this morning

    Live this morning...Neil Leitch, Purnima Tanuku giving evidence...where is pacey??
    I'll catch up later on this


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    Simona Guest


    Pacey will give evidence next week ...just being told

    Please watch Sue Owen, Neil Leitch and Liz Klavins on cms, networks...about 50 mins into the evidence
    Agencies discussed and our expertise praised.
    Do not miss this bit

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    Default Thanks Simona

    for adding the link, have watched and cant believe that they still think that the people going into childcare early years are of a lower academic standard. Lets hope PACEY put them right next week when ever they are putting there point across.
    many thanks again. made me rather angry though

    and that point that Liz made about noone tracking progress other than PVAs was it?.... admittedly all the jargon is new to me and takes a bit of getting used to lol
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    Simona Guest


    I am trying to find out who Liz Klavins is...anyone?
    I was encouraged they are all against agencies, said cms Networks are already in place (that needs to be clarified because not ALL LAs have networks and non network cms must not be left behind)

    Sue Owen got my cheers when she said that, rather that CC supporting cms, it could be the other way around..she praised our expertise and knowledge

    I feel an email coming on to Sue...have spoken to her before, she has done lots of research on cms and is very pro us but networks must not stand in our way
    I am a bit confused as many LAs are busy dismantling them?
    Do I understand it correctly that pacey are working with NCB now since they did not get any grants from the DfE???

    Still a lot to fight to be equally recognised though...this has cheered me a lot!

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    Liz Klavins is the Head of Fairfield Children's Centre as far as I can see from a quick google search.

    Hope that helps.


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    Simona Guest


    Yes it does...thank you



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Education Committee Live this morning Education Committee Live this morning Education Committee Live this morning

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