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    Simona Guest


    Donkey...email @Home Childcare and ask them what they would offer that is better than your LA and at what cost?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simona View Post
    Find out whether you will be setting the fees or the school will for the wrap around care
    Also find out if you will you be taking the kids to school and leave them or required to look after them until they go in their classroom?
    if so what of the other children in your care? where will they go?...what do their parents think?

    If you leave them there will the parents have an agreement with the school or will they be under your cm contract?
    When would you collect the after school children ..at 3 pm or later?

    This is linked to schools having restrictions removed by Oftsed...at present they cannot offer care to younger children and to be inspected there is a different agreement ...all in the Ofsted workshop on Friday

    One more question: is the school a state one or independent, free or otherwise?

    It is getting very interesting while still shrouded in much secrecy...
    Hi Simona,

    So I had my meeting this afternoon and thought I would feedback, let me answer the questions you raised:

    - They would be led by me in terms of where to pitch the fees

    - I will be taking them to school and to their classrooms then they are no longer my responsibility (they are looking at an off the school premises club)

    - I would be collecting at 3p.m.

    - They are looking to be flexible for me to retain my existing mindees but quite how this will work at the moment I don't know. At this stage I have not broached the question as to how my other parents feel as it is such early days, so can't answer that one.

    - It is a state run school

    My CM friend who has recently been asked to do a breakfast club has told me it is only for children within the state school in question and as the breakfast club runs for less than 2 hours per day it does not need to be registered with Ofsted.

    It may be pure coincidence that the discussions have taken place but I know the head I saw today well enough to recognise that there was no hidden agenda, although I did point out that things may change depending on what happens with the proposals.

    Hope it helps at least a little.

    Sam x

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    Simona Guest


    Does this all link to the news today that Truss wants schools to be open 10 hours a day and offer wraparound care?

    In your case Stapleton83...is there not a doubling of services? what you offer against what the school will offer?

    I think schools know all about this latest Truss' idea (not even a new one at that) but as many cms have said elsewhere I hope parents will rely more on cms...I think Sarah said elsewhere we are always the last to know...how true!

    My LA have responded that they have asked for information about agencies but not rushing into anything and will be studying the pilots...oh yes!...wish I could believe that?
    The school where my children are have refused to 'endorse' my cm services...who needs their endorsement?...all I wanted was to advertise my wraparound care....competition here we go!
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