Is anyone booked on these...or will I be the only cm there battling it all???

Wednesday 5 June
Delivering Free pre-school education: Extending the 2 year old offer
I did ask for your comments and experiences in another thread on how you are getting on with your LA regarding inclusion in the funding so that I will take these with me and present them to the DfE...please let me have them if you are interested
James Hempsall is the consultant in charge of 'Achieving 2 year olds', I have met him before and he will be there, hopefully, with some answers and DfE David Fitzgerald is there too (he was at London ncma event and stated clearly LA will have to drop their conditions)

This is the agenda

Thursday 13 June
The future for Early Years and childcare

The agenda for this one is a bit worrying...look at the mention of agencies 'Are they likely to be popular with currently independent cms? and what steps should the govt take to support successful implementation?'
Also 'should private providers be able to opt out of EYFS?
Sharon Hodgson is the Chair