Early Day Motion 55 and 165 and petition against deregulation
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    Simona Guest

    Default Early Day Motion 55 and 165 and petition against deregulation

    EDM 55 is against ratios and has just been set up ...please ask your MP to sign and spread the news

    Early day motion 55 - CHILDCARE RATIOS - UK Parliament

    EDM 165 was set up last year and worth spreading too

    Early day motion 165 - DEREGULATION OF CHILDMINDING IN THE UK - UK Parliament

    Last year I also started a petition against the deregulation of the workforce in the Labour party website ...it has attracted a few signatures but may be worth signing this one too
    Please back me up ...it is all happeneing

    STOP the deregulation of the early years workforce | Campaign | Campaign Engine Room

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    Thank you - have e-mailed my MP the link asking him to sign - although I noticed that so far only one Lib Dem has signed, mostly Labour!

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    Simona Guest


    The number of MPs who have signed the EDM 55 has gone up but the signatures against the deregulation of cms has not moved...anyway you can spread the word???

    also please sign the Labour petition so that the party is aware of the strength of feelings when looking at future childcare policies as they are doing now...leave a clear message how strong you feel about agencies or childcare hubs...whatever they are called....they are coming to recruit cms and I am more than sure they will act as a kind of agency...the most worry for me is they will affect our 'small businesses'

    I attended a conference last Saturday and did ask Ed Miliband not to forget the achievements of 'Every Child Matters'
    yes it needed tweaking as bureaucracy was running wild and there was lots of repetitions ...but it worked over the years and quality went up even though the LAs were running the show their way and getting away with unacceptable demands on cms

    Please reflect on what we have now and what we will end up with by 31 August if we let this slip away unnoticed...please continue to be heard before it is really too late!

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    i don't think my MP will sign.

    despite me sending her more info and asking her to ask gove et all for more info, she has replied to say she can do no more - ( wrote to truss and sent me reply ). not impressed, she hasn't done anything.

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    Simona Guest


    Tory MPs are very unlikely going to sign EDM 55 but we now have the PM wobbling too on ratios.....but it is worth spreading the word and making Lib/Labour/Green parties aware

    The petition against deregulation can be signed by all cms...unfortunately the only petition against agencies came to nothing because the cm who started it did not pursue it...I worry that could be seen as lack of interest??

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    Simona Guest


    The EDM against ratios has now 42 MPs...the one about the deregulation of cms has hardly moved....wonder why???



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Early Day Motion 55 and 165 and petition against deregulation Early Day Motion 55 and 165 and petition against deregulation Early Day Motion 55 and 165 and petition against deregulation

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