Met with local MP this morning
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    Default Met with local MP this morning

    Our local group met with our MP this morning at one of our members houses (the childrens centre were most unaccommodating and wouldn't let us use one of their rooms). There were 11 of us there in total and of course quite a few children, so very difficult to have a decent discussion but I think we managed to put a few points across to him.

    We started by asking him where he stood on the proposed deregulation and found he had come to us having done absolutely no homework and knew practically nothing about it!!
    We used Penny's document that she produced this week as a starting point to discussion and he has taken this away with him to read through and hopefully digest.
    I don't think he understood many of our arguements against and just kept saying that parents would still use us as they do now.
    He did say that he would like some views of parents and so we are going to compile our own mini questionnaire to hand out for parents to fill in so we can forward this to him and he has said he will go away and do some research then get back to us to discuss further.

    We had our photo taken with him (minus the children- he refused to have them in the photo) and we are going to put together a press release for local paper and pass this by him before sending it as his office will not be covering our meeting. So hopefully this will raise awareness in this area amongst parents and others.

    Interestingly enough the lady who came with him (secretary maybe?) used to be a childminder and said as she left that she could see both sides to the arguement would have hoped she'd be on our side!!!

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    Hi got reply from my mp who said she could't comment on it until she sees the proposals. The way it was written it sounded as if she thought we were the same as grandparents etc.I will reply saying that as professionals we want to be treated the same as nurseries etc. She forgets we can vote her out!



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Met with local MP this morning Met with local MP this morning Met with local MP this morning

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