Updated notes to support visits with MPs
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    Default Updated notes to support visits with MPs

    At end of last week I posted some notes to support those who are meeting with their MP

    I have now updated these and decided to attached as a word document so you can add only local details or anything else you feel is important

    I have attached as 2 versions so hopefully you can all read it.

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    thanks Penny, this must have taken you some time to do and certainly explains our role to those who dont understand!!

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    Thank you again for this Penny, I shared it this morning with our group and we will be using it tomorrow morning when we meet Mr Tim Yeo our local conservative MP

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    Thanks Penny for all your hard work. Know you are bringing a copy along this morning for when we meet Karen Lumley MP xx



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Updated notes to support visits with MPs Updated notes to support visits with MPs Updated notes to support visits with MPs

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