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last nights training session- working with parents

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It was actually very good.

I know i sound surprised but the quality of training for my network is usually quite poor.

Last night was about working with parents...this as you know is the big "thing" with the new EYFS.

We started with remembering what i felt like when we were new parents ourselves and how we felt when (if we did) we had to go back to work.

I could really connect with this as i had dd1 when i was 19 and started my training on her 1st birthday (she went to a nursery) and when i had dd2 i had to go back when she was 6 weeks old (by this time i had a fantastic childminder). To be honest i had to fight the tears welling up when i was remembering all of this.

We discussed how we communicated with parents, both literally as in do we write a daily diary etc and how we use our skills to instill confidence in these worried and wary parents. They are leaving their most precious thing and that is a very difficult thing to do.

I remember when O (now 5 months) and his parents came to visit me before the summer hols to check me out. Mum was going back to work in the September. I remember mum saying to me as she left "i know you will never be able to look after him like i do" i didnt take this as a slur on my abilities, i understood what she meant.

Having this insight and how i approach parents concerns hopefully helps parents feel confident when they leave their child with me.

After a week O's mum confessed she forgets about O until it is nearly time to come home.....result me thinks
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