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Having to tighten our belts

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I have had a massive drop in income since summer...less than half of what i used to get. So i am rethinking my xmas shopping.

I only have 5 month old O today (i usually have mondays off) so we went shopping for stuff for our party tomorrow (A is 2) which will comprise of 6 little folk (Beachgirl is joining us for the fun).

I went into town with O and we went into the Works. I bought three books which were about £3 each for the three EYFS children i look after.

I am planning on getting some smellies for the the three girl schoolies i look after.

I think £3 a head (roughly) is enough....am i right? I will get them all a chocolate santa or reindeer as well.

Have to go, the green cupcakes are done....the oven is beeping

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  1. beachgirl29's Avatar
    its seeing them unwrap something and the thought that counts. older kids i really wouldnt bother with much as its never the right thing and younger kids are more happy with anything and books are good my kids are having books. If i see any good deals i will let you know.

    Christmas will be magical
  2. angeldelight's Avatar
    I am sure they will love whatever you buy them and whatever the price

    I hope work picks up soon

    Angel xx

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