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Being reflective...

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Reflecting on practice is intended to develop the skills of the practitioner and to enhance the learning and development of the children in their care (Open University).

I will confess i have a Reflective Diary. It is separate from my normal work diary. In it i put thoughts about the day. What happened, why do i think it happened and what can i do to improve on this outcome next time.

It may be an activity, i will write down what we have done and how the activity evolved. I may have had a thought about including another resource and as write this thought down i will remember for next time to include this resource.

I also ask myself questions....one at the moment is how do i cater for two children at the same time, one who has global delay and finds large groups too stimulating and the other child who i thrives on large groups-he is gregarious and confident.

We all reflect on our practice. We will do something and then later think "shoot i wish i had done B instead of A".....this is being reflective. But we dont write this down. The answer is do write it down. Write down how you felt when Cs mum asked you to change his hours which would now have you working on the day you have put aside for study. I know when Cs mum asked me I had to say no even though the voice inside said "oh go on....she needs you....you are supposed to be flexible". But there was another voice which was saying "aw come on Wibble....you have taken these kids on cos you will get mondays off to study.....you will end up studying on the weekend.....you need this day...be strong..." so i wrote all this down, how i felt and how i was fighting my concience and putting my life and family first.

When the new EYFS came in i wrote my to do list in the diary....i then wrote about what i had done each day to get myself ready for the changes.

i wrote about how i felt about my two siblings leaving for school and nursery...i wrote about how i felt and why i think i felt like this. I wondered if i could do something to stop feeling so bad about this.....conclusion...NO.

Yes yes yes,,,there are some ramblings in this diary but tbh i like to look back over the weeks and think " oooh i really had to think about that didnt i?"

I dont write in my diary everyday....there are some weeks when i write every day.

As its a reflective diary i have covered it in tinfoil and sticky backed plastic.....well it makes me laugh.

I will reflect now on why childish things make me laugh so much.........

wibble xxxxxxx

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  1. BucksCM's Avatar
    Great Idea Wibble.
    I read something similar earlier this week...as in the idea to write things/thoughts down more...and I'm going to try and give it a go as I don't do the ofsted sef.
    As for liking childish things...absolutely NOTHING wrong with that!!
    That's why I love my job...I can do the things I want with the children and not feel guilty!
  2. Mouse's Avatar
    I have a notebook that I jot things down in. I put random thoughts, ideas etc as they come to me.

    The only problem I have is that I most of my best ideas come when I'm in the shower in the morning. It's the only time of the day when I have complete me time & can let my thoughts wander. I could do with getting a waterproof jotter
  3. sarah707's Avatar
    I have something very similar Wibble - I reflect on how activities went, what I want to do for the future, where I am going wrong with things, notes about information sharing etc.

    Then when I am updating my SEF I have most of it already written and I don't forget anything

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