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  1. Childminders and agencies - the story so far...

    Ofsted Chief Inspector Sir Michael Wilshaw announced, in March 2012, that it was becoming too expensive to inspect childminders. This was the first indication of the changes ahead...

    In her paper ‘Affordable Quality’, published in May, 2012, Elizabeth Truss suggested that all childminders should be de-regulated from Ofsted and Local Authority control and linked instead with agencies which would be newly created through the country.

    There was an outcry!
  2. Fruit machines and me

    I've been bloging for over 10 years this was one of my first blogs I just wrote down how I Truely felt. I thought I post it here see what all you think

    Fruit machines and me

    Let me start at the beginning when I was around 4 to 5 my mother took me to Gt yarmouth and as we walk down the golden mile there where all these fruit machine arcades with all these noises and sounds. I was hooked . When I was 12 years old I walked into my local pub( to buy some ...
  3. planning permission= lewisham

    although on edge of bromley we are L B of lewisham, has anyone applied for planning permission, how did it go. refused accepted, easy or difficult. 2 of us work together and have quite a lot of space, thanking you in advance
  4. The Childminding Forum supports ALL Childminders

    The Childminding Forum has always been a powerful meeting place and voice for childminders.

    Now we are facing more challenges than ever before - and every single one of us will have a decision to make in the not too distant future - stay independent or join an agency.

    The Childminding Forum wants to continue to provide free, impartial advice and support to EVERY childminder - whatever decision you make about the future of your business.

    So, the forum ...
  5. Getting crafty again at fussyelmos

    Well after Christmas we have been a little craft quiet - think I did so much in december that the children were crafted out.

    Well tonight I decided to do a button heart picture for mothers day.

    I do believe I can blame a member on here for the need for a button tin.

    Well what you need is a 7 by 5 photoframe from poundland. Some coloured paper. A person better than me at drawing hearts. A paintbrush and some pva glue and let the children stick the buttons ...
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