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  1. new childminder and eyt2

    by , 19-10-2013 at 02:35 PM (New childminder and eyt!!)
    So this is my second post and what a busy week.

    I started my placement, nearly was late as couldn't find the entrance!!! Parked by the school gates to find them locked and with a small sign directing visitors around the back of the building. so raining and me nearly running around the corner in my boots-never wear boots or trousers or anything decent anymore, so bit of a scene. Anyway arrived on time and started in the reception class. What a morning, I loved it, helped with the ...
  2. New childminder and eyt

    by , 13-10-2013 at 12:14 PM (New childminder and eyt!!)
    New childminder and eyt!!

    Hi all

    I am completely new to this blogging.

    A bit about me, I am a married mum of two children and a childminder (since July) I am loving it.

    I have also started the eyt course

    Anyway, I am completely bogged down with all the work,, plus, childminding, school run, school pta, cleaning, cooking, housework, childrens reading, lunch boxes etc etc. yawn. my life is so boring.....

  3. Ofsted inspection feedback

    This feedback has been sent to Ofsted by childminders who want to engage with them in conversation about our inspection framework and outcomes.

    It will hopefully act as the starting point for a useful dialogue... PLA have kindly taken it to Ofsted on our behalf. It is not copyrighted - it is not signed by an individual - it is the work of many. I hope you find it interesting and a useful starting point if you want to write to Ofsted or if you are attending an 'Ofsted big conversation' ...
  4. Protecting information online

    No online medium is totally secure - anything and anyone online can be hacked - even secret US military installations!

    Your email - for example - how many times have you received messages in your inbox from friends which contain strange links? Or emails telling you that you have a beneficiary in Nigeria? Or emails giving you links to follow so you can get a tax refund? These emails are all received as a result of your email address being harvested by someone for their own purposes ...
  5. Outside play - some ideas and inspiration

    Do you take the children outside every day, whatever the weather - or do you say you offer every child the opportunity to go outside and then let the children make a decision based on how they are feeling during the day?

    There is absolutely no expectation for childminders to keep their doors open throughout the day - in fact if you think about it free flow play when an adult is not always outside with the children might not be safe. It can also be very difficult to ensure educational ...
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