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In town this week I saw a nursery group on an outing to look at a huge shop window decorated for Christmas. They were all walking along silently and all looked so glum. There was no chatter from the children and no interaction from the adults, no happy smiling faces - not one!. This should have been a lovely outing for them but there was no excitement, no spirit of adventure - just a nothingness that was quite sad to see.
Shortly after I saw 3 childminders out with their children and they were about to enter an art gallery (hands on type). The children had their backpacks and all were happy, chatting away. This was a lovely adventure for them. There was lots of interaction with the minders and eachother.
So as for "What's it like for the child here" I do not know which nursery this was but boy oh boy there is something wrong there!
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