Finally a response from the D of E

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Well, having not received anything back from the Department of Education, I rang them on Monday to find out how long is 15 days lol. Even taking into account the bank holidays, I was well overdue a reply.

The lovely lady I spoke to had to chase up my message sent from their website, and confirmed it had somehow 'got lost' ???? I didn't dare ask how on earth you lose an email
Anyway, she found it, and sent it to the right department (even though I'd checked the right department on the message lol) and marked it urgent, but warned it could take another 15 working days

It didn't! I received a response today, and here's what they say, for anyone else challenging their LA:

I can clarify that there is no requirement that childminders must be part of a network or be qualified to level 3 in order to receive funding. Local authorities (LAs) may place additional conditions on any provider judged ‘satisfactory’. However, these should be limited to those which address concerns raised by Ofsted at inspection.

The LA’s decision to fund providers, including childminders, should be based solely on the provider’s Ofsted judgement to ensure that there is a single, clear measure of a provider’s quality. If an eligible child wishes to attend, or is attending, a childminder setting judged as ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted, then they should be given an offer of funding by the LA.

As you mentioned in your email, I can confirm that if a provider is judged ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’, LAs should limit the conditions placed to those set in the department’s statutory guidance. These conditions relate to ensuring:
early learning places are completely free;
flexible delivery of early learning places;
the proper use of public funds;
providers meet the needs of disabled children or those with a special educational needs; and
keeping children safe.
With this in mind, you may wish to continue discussions with *** Borough Council for further clarification on their decision.

So basically, I'm right, they're wrong, ner ner na ner ner lol
I have now prepared an email, just got to find appropriate terminology to establish what 'they' are going to do about it - which should be interesting as the whole 'selling the network idea' is pretty much based on only allowing network minders to do the funding, and I'm about to blow a big hole in that!
I do not think for one minute, the LA are going to roll over easily and immediately comply with what the D of E are saying, but this is a fight I'm in for the long haul so hey ho.
Wish me luck
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