Had to write to the DofE

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Received a response from the LA

They are saying that:
Clause A4.9 states that local authorities should 'Limit the conditions they place on providers who been rated as ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ to deliver funded places to those related to ensuring:

· funded places are entirely free of charge to parents;

· places are offered flexibly to meet the needs of parents;

· the proper use of public funds;

· providers meet the needs of disabled children or those with a special educational need; and

· providers are keeping children safe. '

My response was that my understanding was that clauseA4.9 meant the conditions were limited to the bullet points, not that the LA could place further conditions in addition
The response back was that I was mistaken (in effect)

So, I have now written to the DofE for clarification on the interpretation of that clause
does it mean the bullet points are the only limits, or that LA's can place additional conditions

The DofE say they have 15 working days in which to respond so that takes me to the end of this week
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