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  1. Another day of christmas crafting.

    Some people will call it avoidance of housework, ironing, paperwork. I call it preparation for the mindees craft this weekend.

    Well this morning we entered the world of origami - I tiptoed in as I have failed at this before. But with a little patience me and my girls produced a christmas tree and a christmas star. The eldest 13 took to it like a duck to water, the youngest 4 needed a bit of help with the folding.

    http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http...fM&h=zAQHukKfr ...
  2. How long before my husband notices Im turning the dining room..................... ..

    into a winter wonderland.

    Im going with wednesday night as thats the next night he is here to eat with us.

    Any takers before that - opps perhaps before Im posted a photo on facebook

    So anyone continuing with our christmas crafts. Yes its too early and I really dont like starting before december however Im more than a little addicted to pinterest and have way too many "pins" to do and not enough days left. Should have started in september ...
  3. Fussyelmos Christmas Thingy

    Or to give it its proper name the Blue Peter Christmas Advent Crown.

    So there I was the other reminising about the christmas crafts that me and brother used to do.

    So what do you need

    4 wire coat hangers
    A husband to cut the tops of top of them
    String to attach them together.
    A teenager to hold the hangers together.
    Some tinsel and baubles - think the staff in poundland think Im decorating the street.
    Same teenager ...
  4. Making christmad decoration - yes too early but lots to make

    So last night the children and I made christmas wreaths out of baubles.

    We fashioned a circle from a wire coat hanger (blue peter here we come.) And when I say circle it wouldnt win any mathematical competition but it was roundish.

    We then threaded baubles on (fine motor skills) added tinsel at the top and then threaded some ribbon to hang it from. It took 3 boxes of baubles from a pound shop.

    The second one we didnt have enough bauble but my eldest ...
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