i think i need a day off :(

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I'm feeling a bit overworked at the moment.i work alternate saturdays and last saturday was a work it was a 63 hour week.I think the main problem last week was everyone wanted to either have extra hours or change days or both so my usual routine was totaly out of the window.
On saturday i had 2 mindees,5 and 7 plus my own 4 youngest and luckily the sun was shining so i planned a lovely long walk,we live on the coast near the lake district so it really is a beautiful place to explore,anyway parent of 5yr old arrives at 8am and informs me that his LO has a party at 3 and could i take her ,mmm party in local softplay at nearly £5 per child,i have my 4 LO's plus 7yr old mindee to take with me £25 out of my pocket to take his LO to a party....NO ."i've planned on taking everyone for a lovely long walk this afternoon " said me...." oh i suppose i'll have to see if i can get time off and take her myself" said call at 1pm ..."im coming at 2.30 to get her" ...MMMM ,"WE ARE OUT !!!!!"
I put my foot down and insisted that he came and found us as i wasnt prepared to bring 5 other children home just so his LO could go to a party,we were all in the park hunting for pinecones and i refused to be dictated too.
The kids made a fabulous birds nest out of dried grass and tree bark ,they were very proud and more importantly.... very tired LOL.
So that left me with one day ,sunday,to clean and tidy my house ,wash ,iron and cook for my massive family of 9
People always call me supermam,or wonderwoman etc ,"dont know how you manage with all them kids" etc etc ...well today i dont feel like i'm managing.i feel like im struggling ..just a little it just feels a bit hard today to do all my daily stuff,mind all these kids plus my own,do the paperwork,be everyones shoulder to lean on,smile and be happy.I think i just need a hug ...
hay ho ....tomorrow is another day .i'll be fine ..just keep smiling,just keep smiling,just keep smiling
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