let it snow

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the snow has finally reached us,we had all of about a cm this morning,there was a tiny baby snowman in the school yard was about 6inch high,was soooo cute.
we've just got back from playgroup.only 1 LO here at the moment,another coming after school.hes currently flat out on his dog bed (we have no dog ..just dog beds).i decided i would come on the pc to do my annual audit ,got DO coming on friday and i havent looked at it yet,but as usual my fingers wandered towards this forum and ..well here we are.!!
I,ve finally managed to get my paperwork to a standard i'm happy with,scrapped my official NCMA register and now print one off on the pc every month,write in each childs column as we go along and then transfer to online diary system where i get parents to sign (or not sign as is usually the case) got all my development matters /obs /nextsteps on line and have a paper diary that goes to and from home every day,all photo on line plus i use whatsapp to send pictures to parents throughout the day.all working well ,ive found a format that i'm happy with that i use for planning ,all be it usually reflective planning ,with a column for what resources i need,a column for which children are here,i put their initial beside any activity that i have tailored for them specifically and a space for i'm basicly down to 2 sheets of a4 a week plus my online and home diaries.i nolonger feel like the paperwork is taking over my house.
I had a lovely suprise on saturday when i went to submit my online tax return to find that i had done it in june !! oh well,i hadnt realised i was so organised lol.
Oh well supose i should do my audit,or maybe i'll put a stew in the slow cooker first ...mmm kitchen it is
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