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full introduction ...dette aka Bernadette ,from cumbria
what a week and its not over yet .got a 10hr shift tomorrow too.i have now got 8 mindees the youngest is just starting and is 6 months ,then 11months,20mnth 2yr ,2 1/2 yr 5yr 6yr and 7 yr and a new parent,or should i say expectant mother coming to visit sunday.with bump due in a month hoping to start after easter
I took my new double tandem out for a spin yesterday.its a hauck something or other .nearly tipped it getting up the steps to my front door but i think i've got the nack room under it for shopping but nevermind god wouldnt have given us fingers if he didnt want us to hang bags from them !!
i have mentioned on posts before that i've got a large family ,7 kids ranging from 22 to 4 and they all still live at home so we're in the process of trying to make better use of space in the house,turning one very large bedroom into 2 smaller ones, so at the moment ive got random children in various rooms of the house including my toyroom ,where my 22 yr old has been on the sofa bed for a year ,poor lass.hopefully in the next couple of weeks i'll get them all into the right place then redesign my toyroom ,at long last.
I've now got a facebook page ...ooooohhhh scary...i've avoided it for years,had no interest at all but decided my business needed somewhere on the web to call home so my daughters between them put some cute pictures of my 2 youngest kids and i have to admit they made a nice job of it.
so......theres my blog .... mmmm ok bye
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