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Beachy and I went on a "messy play" study session last monday. The session itself was not really very good (as usual) but we were given the opportunity to try out some messy play stuff. I had a feel of "Gelibaff" and i have come to the conclusion that will not ne brought into my home.....i am sorry but i HATE jelly with a passion and it makes me heave.....i dont think a vomming childminder is conducive to learning. BUT i did have a play with fake snow......i have seen it but i have never felt it. I love it!

We got some freebies and Beachy and I drove home......we had a bit of a Thelma and Louise moment when we kept driving past her house and straight to the local B&Q just before it closed at 9pm. I bought a builders tray....always wanted one.....always done with baking tray sized messy play.

I dropped B off and went home and dyed some rice.....5 colours! As you do at nearly 10pm and everyone else is in bed....

Next day B brought her little lot and i had my two so i got the tray out.....pots and pans....coloured rice. And let them at it.

A was particularly "into it". he is 2 with global delay and no speech. He has the concentration of half a gnat.

He spent 50 minutes...yes 50 minutes on this task....he made very little vocally...just grunts but grunts which told me he was working very very hard. He liked lying down and putting his arms into the rice and swishing it about.

I feel A learns with his whole body....he is very physical and i am thinking about how i can provide more learning experiences for him. I thought about taking him to a local sensory room and possibly swimming (i have 1 to 1 with him for at least two days a week)

Then on wednesday B and I went round the local pound shops and have bought some more stuff.....more pots and pans and some fake snow and soap flakes.

Tuesdays will be messy day chez Wobble.....

wibble xxx

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  1. angeldelight's Avatar
    We are doing lots of messy play next week

    We did the rice the other week ...and the coloured salt which the kids enjoyed the most

    Glad you all had fun

    Angel xx
  2. silvermist's Avatar
    You have inspired me to do more messy play, its not something I particularly enjoy myself but the los love it. Note to self...must try harder xx
  3. Dragonfly's Avatar
    Is the fake snow safe with little ones please ? As I know gellibaff is for 7 yrs and older thought fake snow was the same?

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