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  1. Dragonfly's Avatar
    Is the fake snow safe with little ones please ? As I know gellibaff is for 7 yrs and older thought fake snow was the same?
  2. megangohson's Avatar
    Seems you had great fun. The park is really awesome. I went there very often.
    NYC moving company
  3. angeldelight's Avatar
    I am sure they will love whatever you buy them and whatever the price

    I hope work picks up soon

    Angel xx
  4. beachgirl29's Avatar
    its seeing them unwrap something and the thought that counts. older kids i really wouldnt bother with much as its never the right thing and younger kids are more happy with anything and books are good my kids are having books. If i see any good deals i will let you know.

    Christmas will be magical
  5. sarah707's Avatar
    I have something very similar Wibble - I reflect on how activities went, what I want to do for the future, where I am going wrong with things, notes about information sharing etc.

    Then when I am updating my SEF I have most of it already written and I don't forget anything
  6. Mouse's Avatar
    I have a notebook that I jot things down in. I put random thoughts, ideas etc as they come to me.

    The only problem I have is that I most of my best ideas come when I'm in the shower in the morning. It's the only time of the day when I have complete me time & can let my thoughts wander. I could do with getting a waterproof jotter
  7. BucksCM's Avatar
    Great Idea Wibble.
    I read something similar earlier this in the idea to write things/thoughts down more...and I'm going to try and give it a go as I don't do the ofsted sef.
    As for liking childish things...absolutely NOTHING wrong with that!!
    That's why I love my job...I can do the things I want with the children and not feel guilty!
  8. silvermist's Avatar
    You have inspired me to do more messy play, its not something I particularly enjoy myself but the los love it. Note to self...must try harder xx
  9. Rubybubbles's Avatar

    Good luck with your blog, I only said to another childminder yesterday other than going on for childminding I don't know what I would look at?!?

    So waiting to be inspired
  10. angeldelight's Avatar
    We are doing lots of messy play next week

    We did the rice the other week ...and the coloured salt which the kids enjoyed the most

    Glad you all had fun

    Angel xx
  11. loocyloo's Avatar
    i can't decide what i would put in mine either !!! i'm waiting for some inspiration from the rest of you !!!
  12. angeldelight's Avatar
    Still waiting ha ha

    Angel xx
  13. Mouse's Avatar
    It's not like you to be lost for words
  14. AliceK's Avatar
    lol, I feel the same. Have no idea what to put in one as I too am not very interesting. I'll wait and read yours
  15. Pauline's Avatar
    I await with baited breath
  16. silvermist's Avatar
    Well Iet me be the first to comment on your blog then... Im looking forward to reading more!

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