View Full Version : Would you take a temporary contract?

buzzy bee
06-04-2012, 07:50 AM
Just wondering really whether you would (or ever have) take on a temporary contract (e.g. to cover another childminder's maternity leave for 4-6 months).

06-04-2012, 07:53 AM
Yes I did. It all worked out very well and filled a little gap quite nicely. I put the money aside for a special treat for the family :)

Two years on, the usual childminder gave up work and the children are now with me properly!

06-04-2012, 07:57 AM
I've never done it but I would say think about what you would do if more permanent work came up during that time.

Miffy xx

06-04-2012, 08:35 AM
I have done it several times to cover other childminders holidays, 6-8 weeks at a time.

blue bear
06-04-2012, 08:43 AM
Ive done several temporary contracts all but one turned into permanent ones for various reasons.

06-04-2012, 08:50 AM
yes im just doing one works out really well the mindees alraedy knew me and the parants were happy :thumbsup:

carol cameron
06-04-2012, 12:13 PM
I am doing one at the moment. My friend was asked to take on a child for 4 days but only has two available until july. Child is with her now so I am covering the other two days until then when he will go to her for the four days. Suits me perfectly well and we tend to spend time together anyway.
Good opportunity to show Ofsted how well we can work together too !:)

Chatterbox Childcare
06-04-2012, 12:14 PM
If I had the space then yes why not?

06-04-2012, 12:25 PM
Yes, if you are worried that you might miss out on other contracts you can make it clear you might have to give notice if you get other enquiries and make it short, maybe a week.

06-04-2012, 12:35 PM
What contract is guaranteed to be a permanent long term anyway?

Parents have the option of serving a notice period, and then the contract would end.

If I have a vacancy can could do the contract I would, I would rather have some money, than no money.

06-04-2012, 03:19 PM
definately I have in the past - and if I had the space I would do so again :)

06-04-2012, 04:47 PM
I have one at the mo, mum wanted her lo to come and get used to being without her to get ready for pre school in Sept. I have space and it earns me an extra £25 a week I wouldn't have so it's a bonus. Mum said right from the start she will be flexible if someone permanent comes along wanting the space so everybody's happy :D
The way things are I would say a bird in the hand.....;)

06-04-2012, 07:59 PM
Im just about to cover for a cm friend who is going on maternity. One of my mums is going on maternity for 12 months and dropping her lo to 2 days which I was really worried about as she is a full timer. I read another thread related to this.
So for me its worked out very well, I help someone out and I dont lose out financially :clapping::clapping: