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13-03-2012, 09:05 AM
So... Pita mum gave me notice yesteday morning as I wouldn't take lo last week after she had been sick three weeks with a rattle on her lung : she didn't take her to a doctor and my own daughter got sick with it and i got fed up keep sending the child home cos she was not well enough to be here. She had diarrohea wednesday so I said see her Monday well she went crèche (nursery) hunting Thursday and Friday apparently they will take lo when sick. I also had had too many half days (three i think in the last year two of which were for my sisters baby's funeral which incidentally she was the only parent who paid me fully for even though I didn't expect it)

Anyway child is also difficult not her fault bless her and have had ongoing problems so was really going to terminate myself not sorry to see her go.

However she finishes Friday (I know I know don't shoot me had no contract took her on before I found this lovely site and in ireland there isnt all this paperwork it's more informal) which leaves me 800 euros a month down. I have had a lot of enquiries recently but mostly for late summer so will see if I can replace her.

I still feel she has done the dirty on me as if I had only given her a weeks notice she wouldn't have been impressed so I think the least i deserve is to be paid fully for this week and last. She always pays Friday at end of week never had a problem but as she was off on friday she wasn't her to pay me. Expected money in bag yesteday but it wasnt so I text her and said please can you bring my money for last week in the morning. She text back to say she only got paid yesterday as she was off work Friday and hadnt yet been to the bank but would get it to me ASAP. I know she usually banks on a Thursday night as bank is open late but now I am worried we will get to Friday her last day and she wont pay me for the two Days I wouldn't have lo last week.

I see her regularly at school as our children go to the same one and it is small so dh says if she doesn't pay just tell her you will be asking for it every day at school if I don't get it.

What do i do?! I could refuse to have her Til end of week but then i am down five days actual work plus two I didn't have her and we really really need it

13-03-2012, 06:20 PM
Oh dear :( I know it's probably not what you want to hear... but I think you already know...

Without a contract you don't have a legal leg to stand on :(

You are totally reliant on the mum paying you... and if she doesn't you have to consider how much bad feeling you want between you and how much she might damage your local reputation if she bad mouths you.

Hugs xx