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02-03-2012, 01:55 PM
Have I missed something??

I currently have cows milk from coolmilkforchildminders which has worked well for me.

I have 1 baby of 8 months atm and about to have a 10 month old join us so Ive been looking at powered milk options.

The 8 month old is on follow on milk stage 3 of cow and gate. This is something that is labled as from 6 months so nothing wrong with that but it appears I can only claim for stage 1 and 2 milk which is newborn and hungry baby milk not milk sutiable for children who are 6 months and not yet old enough for cows milk??

Im also very confused that a child can be with me for 2 hrs and be allocated 1/3 a pint of milk and a diffrent child can be with me for 10 hrs a day and still only get the same allowence.

This seems barmy :panic:

02-03-2012, 02:01 PM
The NMRU site tells you about the scheme and which milks you can claim for.


The scheme is to provide children under 5 with 1/3 of pint of milk per day. It's not to provide all the milk they might need during the day, so isn't based on the amount of time they are with you.

02-03-2012, 02:04 PM
Thanks Mouse, Ive looked at that site thats how I know what milk I can claim for Im just a little surprised that certain milk stages have been missed and that the milk that would appear suitable for my 6+month old mindees isnt on there.

I know its to work along side other milk but it seems a little unfair and to me a fairer system would be to say that if you attend for 4 hrs you get X amount another 4 hours gets X amount another X amount etc.