View Full Version : Applying to work with husband as an assistant

18-02-2012, 10:43 AM
My husband is in the process of registration as a childminder and this fantastic enquiry came my way. I just cannot turn it down so I thought I'll add him as an assistant until his registration comes through. Now ... I am very limited with numbers as two of my own children are in EY group so I can care for one mindee in that age group.
I'm filling out the form for an assistant right now and it's asking me to put the numbers of children I can care for which I have done. And then it asks to put the numbers of the children I wish to care for and that's where I'm stuck ... will they be counting our own children again and subtracting them from the total allowance?
so for myself I put:
under 12 months - 1
Under 8 -4

What should I put for EYFS for when working with an assitant? I personally wouldn't count our children again and would just put 4.
Now ... I'm asking this as I already have a variation in place for one day a week to allow me to have 2 EYFS children. This new parent requires 2 days a week but they can be any two days and will change every week so occasionally I may end up with 3 EYFS children on that day ....
What do you think?

18-02-2012, 11:05 AM
I would put 4, I just focused on how many i wanted Ofsted to grant when i filled mine out, i left my children out of it. (my oh is my assisstant). x