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16-02-2012, 02:11 PM
Right..this has been playing on my mind now for a while. I look after a 5yr old boy in the school hoildays only. He started in October so I havent had him much but I know there is something different about his behaviour/play.
I dont have any contact with the school as its in a different town and I only have him school hols.
I dont have any knowledge or training on Autism so cant really say anything, but I do suspect it.

I didnt know him as a baby/toddler and the info I collected off Mum didnt include anything about those years as I relly didnt think I would need it.

Firstly I would like to mention something to Mum without going straight in and frightening the life out of her. But I really dont know how or what to say to her. I really want to say something and not just ignore it.
Has anyone been in a similar situation?

16-02-2012, 02:37 PM
If he is in Reception you could ask if you could see his LJ. Was he in any kind of Pre-school before school he would have one from there as well ask to see it. Just say to mum that it would be very useful for you to see to gauge where he is and plan for the Longer Easter holiday and would it be possible to borrow them over a weekend before Easter.

You should get a feel from these if they have noted anything.

I would continue to observe him and note all the ages and stages you see. If this is the longest time you have had him I wouldn't be saying anything to mum until you have had a chance to do those observations and notes and see how he is in the Easter holidays.

16-02-2012, 08:45 PM
Thanks :D

I'm finding it hard because he's not from my area, so don't know the school, preschool or anywhere else he may have been. Plus he's only here for hols so not a regular mindee. And because he was 5 when I first met him I don't know anything about his baby/toddler stages.
He's in yr 1 at school.

I'm continuing to watch and make notes. When I see him at easter it will only be for 3 days as I'm away for a week and it's bank hol so I'll see how it goes then.

It's so hard when you know something's different but not sure what.