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09-02-2012, 09:26 PM
Had an enquiry that i really want. Kind of clicked over the phone, i think sometimes you just know ( if that makes sense).

when i started i was working mad hours, long days and loads of after schoolers. to be honest i was exhausted.

Recently my hours have changed and i'm loving it, Just had another great enquiry which would be great if i could just manage it

Now i have

Mon - L (3), D (2) and R (2)

Tues L (3) R (2) and M (1)

wed L(3) R (2) M (1) and D (2)

Thurs L(3) and M (1)

Fri L (3) and D (2)

These all are 9 till half two, which is fab, i then only have two after schools.

The enquiry is for a 17 month old also 9 till 2.30 :jump for joy: but wants tuesday to friday.

Now R's mum works from home, so i'm gonna ask her to move from wed to thursday.

Then ask new one to start on a thurs and friday for a month, then get a variation for the other days.. I already have a varaition for all week but its for named children

Does this sound do able?? The two year olds are nearly three so they are good walkers, and generally take it in turns. Is 4 under 5 5 days a week, too much? Personally i love having them all here on a wednesday. And the hours are just fab, i get 30 mins off every day before school run:jump for joy::jump for joy:

candy cat
09-02-2012, 09:45 PM
they don't normally give variation for new business.....so good luck

10-02-2012, 08:53 AM
On the variation form it is asks if its for sibling or continuity of care but you could always try.:D

Not sure if you could sign the new child up for a Friday and then ask Ofsted for the other 3 days? Or is that being crafty ;)

Good luck to you if they do grant it..I have 4 under 5's on a Thursday and I'm pooped