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07-02-2012, 11:18 AM
Morning all.

I've just had to send my mindees home as I've been sick this morning :( Aside from physically feeling rotten, I feel so guilty.

My youngest daughter has picked up every illness going since starting school in September and she's had loads of time off school. Mostly I send her to my parents (thank God they're local and willing) but I have had to close a couple of times when there is no one else to look after her.

One mum got very tearful today and whilst she understands that if we're ill then sometimes I do have to close, she is also struggling, as her and her hubby can't afford to take any more time off work. She needs reliable childcare and due to our illnesses she's not getting that. I feel rubbish. We're normally a really healthy family, its just since dd starting school.

My back up minder is full as are all the other childminders in the area I've spoken to.

What do others do? I don't want to lose this family (they don't want to go) but I'm fearful that she'll end up at nursery if I have to close again. :(

Sorry to rant.

07-02-2012, 11:56 AM
I'm not really sure what more you can do in your situation. I understand how guilty you must feel.

I am lucky that my partner is also a registered childminder and our parents signed joint contracts for both of us to care for their children, so if I was poorly, like I was last week with a migraine, my partner can swop his days at work, and takes the day off to mind our little girl, and he can then also look after the mindees on that day.

The children all know him well as he is at home most days at 4 and tends to have a day off every week were we all do things together.

If I had d&v though we would have no choice but to close the setting, and the parents would have to find alternative care. This has not happened yet though, and my little girl hardly ever gets sick.

You need to make sure your little girl Is taking some vitamins to keep her fighting fit, and hopefully she will become stronger to all of the bugs the longer she is at school.

Hopefully you won't need to take any more time off in the next few months,and this family will then feel less upset as time passes.

07-02-2012, 02:03 PM
I haven't closed due to illness yet, I just carry on. I'm used to carrying on when ill as we have no one to help so it's only if i'm very sick will I get my husband to come home from work, which isn't easy or convenient so I have to be very sick to do this. Luckily it's not happened whilst minding...yet!

It's very common for children to be poorly constantly when they first start school/nursery etc, so many germs for them to have to build up immunity to, they do get there though :thumbsup:

07-02-2012, 02:31 PM
i had to close today due to sickness bug sweeping the house over the weekend after lo brought it in on friday... parents also dont realise we lose our income when shut but this has also affected my hubby whos self employed and my son who doesnt get paid sick days and had to take sunday and monday off.. so that 3 peope earning no money :(.. im just doing a letter stating time off due to illness and thinking about puttin in if they bring ill and i have to close they still pay me ...( if only i could )..

07-02-2012, 02:38 PM
im just doing a letter stating time off due to illness and thinking about puttin in if they bring ill and i have to close they still pay me ...( if only i could )..

If only! Hope you all feel better soon x

07-02-2012, 06:01 PM
Maybe we should do what the parents do and just don't tell..... :cool:

If they would just be honest and not bring their children when they're ill then maybe we wouldn't have to close so often!

Sorry that's not very helpful is it? I'm sure you're daughter will have fewer sick days once her immune system gets used to the bugs that get them in the first year at school x