View Full Version : Hello Again!!!!!

04-02-2012, 06:16 PM
Thought it was about time I got back on here and said Hello to all you lovelies again!!!!!!!

What a busy 9 months I have had and to cut a very long story short was very pleased to see the back of 2011.

Business is good and to top it of I am moving again. The house I have got is fantastic and I am so excited!!!!! Lighthouse for a neighbour and a 20ft square playroom for the little ones, so here we go packing again!!!!!

Had my RAGG report the other day and received a Dark Green, applying for a grant and starting my Level 3 so when the funding finally comes to Lincolnshire I can offer funded places!!

I am dying on my feet with the business plan and wondered if you would like to put some input into it for me.

Oh and what can you recommend for me to spend money on, to renew my resources, particularly looking at sensory and SEN.

Finally, for those of you who work with your OH, how do you find it, does it really work????