View Full Version : Nipper 360 double v Phil and Teds

31-01-2012, 11:46 AM
Ok, so I have a Phil and Teds E3 and a Maclaren twin techno. The P&T I bought off ebay and love to bits apart from the fact whoever goes underneath in the doubles seat, (usually the toddler) can't see very much (well, that's my opinion). I decided to get a side by side maclaren, only because we had a single twin techno for ds and dd and it seemed bomb proof. Only problem is, it's a hard ride for the occupants and a hard push for me when going over any surface other than tarmac. Small stones seems to either stop it dead or cause the wheels to lock and skid, whereas the Phil and Teds offers a really smooth ride and steer.

After 'struggling' to school with the maclaren this morning (along pavements as well) I am now thinking about getting a nipper 360 purely because I think the chunky wheels can cope with any terrain you seem to throw at them. Can anyone tell me if it handles the same as the Phil and Ted, because that thing seems to turn on a six pence. I must admit I prefer the side by side seating arrangement because they can have a chat to each other as well!

31-01-2012, 12:05 PM
I cant really compare it to the other pushchair as Ive not pushed the phil and teds but I can say the nipper is very easy to push.
Any terrain its as light as a feather with 2 kids in. One handed push so you have 1 hand free to hold another mindees hand.
It spins 360 with one hand and as I have a bad back its so easy on my back. In fact its so nippy that it comes with a wrist strap for safety as if you let go it wouldnt stop....

My only moan is it doenst fit in my front door so I have to take a wheel off to get it in if children are asleep which is really easy too. I wouldnt swap it for anything :D

31-01-2012, 12:23 PM
I used to have both a P&T and double Nipper 360. I had the P&T first and loved it, like you say it handles very well. Then I bought the Nipper and if anything it handles even better. I sold my P&T and just use the Nipper now. Even with 2 heavy toddlers in it I only use 1 hand most of the time. It really is excellent and I also sometimes use a buggy board on it as well.


31-01-2012, 12:31 PM
I very sadly had to sell my Nipper 360 because I couldn't get it in the boot of my new car.

I bought the Phil and Teds Explorer to replace it.

I loved the Nipper and if I didn't have to use the car everyday for the school run I would definitely get another one.

It is so much easier to push and obviously to get the kids in and out. I do find it quite difficult to get the 2nd child in to the lower seat of the P & T when I have a footmuff on it.