View Full Version : Foreign Students & Mindee's??

30-01-2012, 05:56 PM
Does anyone know if its possible to have foreign students staying whilst being a child minder??

I have just started the journey to becoming a childminder and still have a way to go!

Now, normally most summer's I take in foreign students from my local language schools. They can vary in ages from 11 to 18. All I do for these students is feed them,provide a bed and a bit of conversation here and there. They are only here first thing in the mornings and at dinner time in the evening, maybe on a Sunday (when i wouldn't be minding anyway). So most of the times they are in the house, is out of minding hours.

I understand that I would not be able to have the older children/adults as they would need to be CRB checked. But would the under 16's come into how many children I can mind?

I am guessing right that I would no longer be able to have the students?

Any thoughts or experiences with this would be most appreciated!

Sarah. :)