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29-01-2012, 05:58 AM
Hi there,

I have literally just started the process of becoming a childminder... Well, I have contacted the course coordinator and asked for the date of the next course :)

You have to start somewhere, right?

I will be leaving my career of 10 years (and taking a huge drop in income!) in order to pursue study and spend more time with my 5 year old daughter. I'm really really excited about this new venture but also worried :panic:

The going rate round here is £4.50 - £5.50 per hour including food. By my reckoning if I can get one full timer and three after schoolers I can take a reasonabe income... almost 30k?

But... I have had loads of chuckles and gafaws about this on another forum and also from a childminder friend. I don't understand why it's unreasonable?

Any way, that aside, the other thing people have found funny is that I want to start working in Septmber this year... apparently it takes around 18 months from start until first day of work. I have never waiting 18 months for anything my entire life...!

So... am I being naive? What is the truth about this strange and unknown world of childminding??

Can I make enough money to get by? Someone suggested an annual 6k earning was about the maximum I could earn no matter what I do.

Is it possible to be workingby September? I want to leave my job in July and take the summer off before I start.

And on a more practical note: What will I need to buy? I realise a uggy, high chair and travel cot will be essentials... anything else?

Is it acceptable to buy toys once you know the age of the children you have?
i.e. I don't see the point in shelling out for a load of 0-6 month stuff if I end up with a 6 month full timer (which I guess is more likely!)

Thanks so much in advance. If I can get advice now I promise to return it as I build my childminding empire :littleangel:

29-01-2012, 09:21 AM
Is there a demand for childminders where you live? It's ok saying you can earn £4.50 an hour... but are childminders full / half full / empty??

What about nurseries, playgroups - are they full?

There's little point in setting up until you are sure that you can fill your spaces with anyone, never mind having set ideas about who you want.

I suggest you do some research next week - ring some childminders, nurseries, playgroups etc and ask them about viability. You will have a much better idea of what to do next!

Good luck! :D

29-01-2012, 09:41 AM
In terms of the length of time it can take to become register it can depend on each individuals circumstances. It took me 7 months from beginning to end. That was 8 weeks course from my council, then a month later council came out to check my home and paperwork, then sent of ofsted forms. The crb's took 6 weeks, my partner then needed a medical which was another 5 weeks, and than as our area was busy with inspections it took 4 weeks to get a pre reg visit from ofsted.

Once you have your certificate it then depends on how quickly you get enquiries in order to start earning money.

In regards to earning potential, this business is never guaranteed, there appears to be busy times and quiet times.

I was lucky that in my family's circumstances I only needed to earn £600 per month and everything else would be a bonus. I would do as Sarah has suggested above and then sit down and work out how much you would need to bring home in order to be able to pay all your bills. Don't forget that out of what you earn there is expenses such as food, or toys, or equipment, petrol etc that you will also need to factor in. Each month you will also need to put away money for tax and ni, and this can be about 20% of your earnings particularly if you aim to earn £30k

29-01-2012, 09:54 AM
I think I went on my first pre-reg course in May last year and my certificate arrived at the end of September/begining of October last year. So roughly five months all in, but I did push quite hard to get it all through.
I'm not earning very much at all at the moment, as round here it seems to have gone from everyone being full to being fairly quiet, but the research everyone else has suggested might help there.

29-01-2012, 09:34 PM
It took me about 10 months to go from pre-registration sessions to pre-registration inspection. About 6 months of that were Ofsted faffing around. I was registered in October last year, and I still don't have any mindees (but a few enquiries, so I'm not in despair yet).

The best advice I can give it do not give up your job until you have a guaranteed income from childminding.

Once you've sent your application form in, you won't have any real control over how long it takes, so patience is essential. Consider it practise for dealing with 3 under 5's! ;)

I would also say that when I worked it out, and about 1/3 to 1/2 of any income I make will probably be expenses for the business (resources, insurances, etc.), so it doesn't turn out to be as much as you think, especially as you have no guaranteed income.

betty boop
29-01-2012, 09:56 PM
hi it really depends it took me around 6 months from deciding to become a childminder and getting my certificate but a friend of mine has just become a childminder :clapping: and its only taken her 2 months. As for the money side of things it all depends on other childminder rates in your area, demand and how many hours you whant to work prob a good idea to do some research.

nikki thomson
29-01-2012, 10:04 PM
Hi, welcome to the forum. It took me about 6 mths to get registered but that was a few years ago do I think it's all different now, it was the CRB that took ages to do and held me up.
With regards to earning potential I think you could earn upto 30k but you'd need to be full I think, my friend last year had three full timers 50+ hrs a week and an after schoolie and she made about 26k before any expenses had been deducted, it was hard work but she did it to save money so when she went on maternity leave she could have a long time off, but it all depends on the demand in your area, and it could take you quite a while to earn a good income. X