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19-01-2012, 07:07 PM
I have a mindee who was 33m when mum had a bit of success with potty training, however, after a few days he lost interest so they left it.

3 months on, mum would like to try again, and would like mindee to lead the potty training, but he just isn't bothered. She also said he hates wearing underpants. He will literally put them on for a bit, then cries for them to be taken off (if he doesn't take them off himself). He went to buy the pants, chose them from the shop, paid for them etc, and this is all he wants to do with the pants - play shop .....

This child is advanced in many areas of his development but regresses in his behaviour around his parents. ie, he will help do a puzzle / play a grame with me, but mum comes to pick him up and he cries for her to do his turn. He does his straps with me, but cries for mum to do them for him when she comes ......

I said to mum to try after his birthday, pschological thing about turning a year old etc etc, or to try in 4 months time when he starts nursery and maybe sees the other children.

But any idea on how to get him to try and like his underpants a bit more. They are his absolute favourite 'interest' at the moment :rolleyes:.

19-01-2012, 07:11 PM
My nephew was (and still is at 10 years old lol) the same. Hates wearing pants. My sister tried the shopping thing with him and also tried buying boxer shorts too. He hated them. He got better with age but still has days when he would rather go without. :laughing:

Sorry I have no advice to give

19-01-2012, 07:15 PM
could you try dressing up the dollies and teddies in pants and giving them stickers for wearing them.
ds hated pants when we were potty training him, we had to buy boxer shorts for him as pants were too uncomfortable.

19-01-2012, 07:28 PM
how about some books about pants?

there is the lovely 'pants' by nick sharratt; we've got an audio cd of it as well. think there is also 'more pants'

there are the aliens love underpants books

and i used to have a book called 'where are my pants?' and you hide a pair of pants in the book, and the children have to lift lots of flaps to find them!

how about getting some plain pants/boxers and decorating them? probably more an activity for mum to do, rather than you!

and actually, does he have to wear pants? could he just wear shorts under his trousers ( and slowly move to pants ) what about swimming trunks?

or as long as he is wearing trousers, what is wrong with nothing? i understand that going to school/nursery, its not ideal, but if LO has got the hang of using the potty and pants put him off, i would go with the potty training and sort the pants out later!