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buzzy bee
18-01-2012, 09:01 PM
Has anyone experienced this and have any advice?

The little one is nearly 4 and has started doing this in the last couple of months, once a week (ish).

I want to be able to help mum but no idea what to say!

Thanks :thumbsup:

18-01-2012, 09:18 PM
Was he dry and then started wetting or has he just never really stopped wetting? If its the first then has something happened to unsettle him? - change at home, starting nursery or starting school? In this case it is perfectly normal and he will grow out of it when he's more settled. If its the second and he has never really been dry at night then this is also completely normal. Lots of children wet the bed and it is nothing to worry about, health visitors don't consider it a problem until a child is at least 7.
Just give her some advice about managing it until it stops, doubling up layers on the bed is a good idea (plastic sheet then normal sheet, then another plastic sheet and another normal sheet), she can strip the bed with the minimum of fuss so the child goes back to sleep quickly.

The Juggler
18-01-2012, 09:29 PM
i would just advise her to check all the normal things, not too many drinks before bed, nothing worrying him etc, etc.

If he's really tired he might be in a deeper sleep than normal too.

I'd print off some stuff from a website for mum to read - there will be loads of info out there.

It's unlikely if he's been dry all along that its a physical problem but you never know but I don't think you can tell this for a while. my ds was wetting until the age of 8 or 9 but then outgrew it so I would tell her not to worry.:)

19-01-2012, 12:49 PM
If he used to be dry then maybe something is on his mind. Maybe an incident that is worrying him, friendships, a new setting or Mum and Dad not getting on etc, a change in a routine?

If he has never been dry then I wouldnt worry about it. everyone is different and my dd wet until he was 6yrs and my dd until she was 8yrs. Some children are heavy sleepers and no matter how much lifting it doesnt work. There is a signal from brain to bladder that just isnt mature yet.

19-01-2012, 01:55 PM
my ds was dry night & day from 2yr 3mth, so when at 6 1/2yrs he started wetting the bed, it was a concern. we tried everything, but nothing was helping and he was getting really upset about it.

he saw a cranial osteopath every few months for other issues, and i mentioned it to her. she said she thought she might be able to help, but would have to talk to a colleague, as she had no experience of dealing with bed wetting. we went to see her the following week ( and the wetting had been the worse it had ever been that week ) and, i think its magic what they do, but somehow, she stopped him wetting!!! from that day on, not another wet bed ( and that was 3 yrs ago! ) :clapping:

edited to say, that i however, wet the bed until i was about 13 and nothing worked for me! i finally grew out of it!

19-01-2012, 02:30 PM
I was a bed wetter too :o till about 10, recurring UTIs :( not much better in the day - needed a loo at hand always - not much better in the day now :laughing: blame that on childbirth though!

DS was a bed wetter - dry in daytime. He had a problem with his willy. It was closing at the end and he was circumcised at 11 as he was growing and it was getting worse. Never wet the bed since :thumbsup:

Can be many reasons - almost 4 is still quite young. I would do all the other suggestions first - drinks not too late/worries etc

I bought a rubber backed quilted pad to put in DS bed as the plastic sheets were so sweaty - he has always been a hot child in bed - and he was getting damp from sweat too :rolleyes: had spare bedding ready in his cupboard and usually by the time he had stripped off and gone to the bathroom I could change the sheet and get him back in.

Keep things relaxed so he doesn't get tense about it or he will add wetting to any worries he has

19-01-2012, 02:53 PM
Both my boys are serial bed wetters.

4 years old is very young and I would not actually be worried. My DD is 4 and has only ever had about half a dozen dry nappies in her life.

The only suggestion I would say, that hasn't been mentioned before is get the LO to drinking lots during the day, preferably water, and limiting only in the hour before bed.