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20-05-2008, 08:15 PM
As said in the title i have an intervieww tomorrow for 2 children 1 whom's 22 months and the other who's 8 months. I wanted to know what everyone does on an interview and how much information you do and do not take what you show people and what you dont and what you do with the children in the time. Obviously i need to get to know these kids slightly before making my judgement and obviously speak to mum. My last interview was a month ago and subsequently i didnt get it and just wanted to see how everyone else does it to see if everyone's luck will rub off on me :P

Thanks in advance!


20-05-2008, 08:17 PM
Interact with the children, show the parent your portfolio and ask lots of questions about the children and thier likes/dislikes/interests.

I am sure you will be fine!! Best of luck to you and let us all know how it goes


20-05-2008, 08:54 PM
Just be yourself

Show mom your folder

Get a few toys out on the floor and sit and chat to the children whilst mom is looking at your folder

Talk about your rules - fees - hours of work etc etc etc

Show parent around and let her know where everything is and where the children will be playing and eating etc etc etc

Relax I am sure you will be fine

Good luck

Angel xx

20-05-2008, 09:05 PM
interact with the children, give mum and dad your folder and answer questions as you go, be yourself, good luck:thumbsup:

20-05-2008, 09:12 PM
As the others have said show them your portfolio, show them the rooms used for minding but most of all relax and be yourself

Good luck and fingers crossed

Carol xx

20-05-2008, 09:13 PM
Just wanted to wish you good luck for tomorrow

Keeping my fingers crossed for you

miffy xx

20-05-2008, 09:26 PM
As above but you could make a few notes on the likes/dislikes, what hours, names and any preferences of the parent. Looks professional that you are writing it down.

Definately play/talk with the children but don't go over the top and force something on the children if they are shy. at 8m & 22m it may take a while for them to get used to strange place/person. Possibly sit on the floor doing something interesting to get their curiosity and let them come to you.

Good luck:) fingers crossed

Pudding Girl
20-05-2008, 09:40 PM
all of the above plus make sure they know to call you and let you know either way, by an arranged date!!

Best of luck, hope you all get on fabulously :)

21-05-2008, 08:21 AM
Just wanted to sau good luck - let us know how you got on.
x helen

21-05-2008, 08:57 AM
Good luck :thumbsup: Fingers crossed it all goes well for you :)


21-05-2008, 10:33 AM
Good luck, hope you get on ok.


21-05-2008, 10:34 AM
What time are they coming Kate?

Let us know what happens

miffy xx

21-05-2008, 11:42 AM
If the mum hasn't been already - good luck! :thumbsup:

22-05-2008, 07:36 AM
How did it go ?

Angel xx

22-05-2008, 08:33 AM
I think she got it :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Am I right Kate?

miffy xx

22-05-2008, 04:49 PM
I got it *swings arms in a mad fashion* YEs... and now have an answerphone message for another.... Crikey


22-05-2008, 04:56 PM
Be happy - you'll soon be full! :)

Good luck

miffy xx